School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP)

  • Title I is a program from the U.S. Department of Education that provides extra help for students to learn at their grade level.

    The school reviews student data to make a plan for the extra help needed each year. In Saint Paul Public Schools, this plan is called the School Comprehensive Improvement Plan, or SCIP.

  • Summary Plan of Comprehensive Improvement of Como Park Senior High

    The Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP for its acronym in English) of CPSHS's for the 2016-17 school year was developed thanks to the views of the leadership team of the school, staff, parents and community members. The SCIP is our school improvement process focused and specific that sets the course to follow during the year and guide our actions related to our academic school and equity goals. The SCIP also identifies strategies related to Title I and Family Involvement. You can find our full SCIP in

    Mission: To provide a rich learning environment that challenges and supports all students to find and develop their own talents and continue on track to reach their full potential.


    SCIP goals for 2016-2017:

    Reading:     The percentage of students 10 or grade who score proficient or higher in reading increased from 29.8% to 35.3% in the spring of 2017, to be measured by the MCA III test administered in April 2017.

    Math:     The percentage of students of 11 or grade who score proficient or higher in reading will increase from 22% to 27% in spring 2017, to be measured by the MCA-III test administered in April 2017.


    Title I funds

    Title I funds of CPSHS's are being used for academic support and parent involvement, including:

    • Support teachers in reading, math and AVID
    • Specialist academic intervention, behavioral intervention specialist and cultural specialist
    • Parent Coordinator


    Family Involvement

    The Parent and Community meets once a month

    During the autumn two Parent Academy Seminars will be held in four languages

    There will be parent-teacher conferences each "quarter"

    Coffee with the director and counselors once a month

    Parents participating in the Parent Council and the Community (PPC for its acronym in English) and cultural groups Parents provide ideas for Involvement Plan and Compact Family of Families and Schools.

    You can find the Plan Participation of families in the website.