About Indian Education School Counseling Services

  • SPPS School Counseling...Utilizing American Indian culture to teach social-emtional learning and college/career awareness and planning.

    The Indian Education School Counseling service is a supplemental program for students eligible for Indian Education services.  This supplement does not replace the services of school site counselors, but instead enhances student experiences through culture.

    The school counseling position is funded through two grants: Intervention for College Attendance Program and Success for the Future.

    The school counselor serves students in 9th-12th grade and rotates to the following schools on a regular schedule during the 2018-2019 school year:

    • Central High School
    • Como Park High School
    • Harding High School
    • Highland Park High School
    • Johnson High School
    • Washington Technology High School

    *For high schools not listed, students can contact Kerrie via email or phone for assistance and if necessary, to schedule an appointment to meet.

    Some of the services provided include:

    • Walking in Balance group (once a month) Cultural teachings of life in the Circle (Medicine Wheel) including how to balance one’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual ways (Central, Como Park, Harding & Johnson)
    • Yesterday's Wisdom, Today's Success group (once a month) Lessons from Native Elders and applying it to one’s life.  Students will also learn loom beading (Humboldt/Open World)
    • Journey towards Graduation group (once a month) Reflecting on successful habits and obstacles to high school graduation.  Students will be making their own moccasins (Highland Park)
    • The Seven Grandfather Teachings group (once a month) Lessons on the Grandfather Teachings and applying those teachings to our lives (Washington Technology)
    • Maadaadizi (To Start a Journey) group (once a month by grade level) College and career awareness and preparation (Como Park, Harding & Johnson)
    • Senior support with college applications, financial aid/scholarship review, resume writing, apprenticeship applications, job applications and other post-high school option investigation (please note that students with an Individual Education Plan [IEP] will have post-high school options reviewed through their IEP team.  The Indian Education School Counselor can support the IEP team's goal objectives as requested by the team).
    • College visits and cultural field trips to support career awareness.
    • Cultural interventions for students at-risk of not graduating on time in conjuction with student support staff at the student's high school.
    • Referrals for mental health and chemical health services, community agencies and cultural programs.
    • Collaborative team member on various district and community committees for supportive services and partnerships.
    • For more information please see the handout, Indian Education School Counseling services.