First Name Last Name Title email Phone
Jon Peterson Executive Director, Office of College and Career Readiness 651-744-8020
Chris Ederer Teacher on Special Assignment (Secondary Programs) 651-744-6770
Jon Emerson-Kramer Project Coordinator Multi-District Programs 651-744-3885
Rene' Gervais Program Manager of Operations & Logistics 651-744-1211
Dr. Darcel Hill Executive Director Freedom Schools 651-387-0869
Kris Krinke Accounting Tech 651-744-1200
Robin Lorenzen Music & Arts Program Manager 651-744-4019
Deb Middleton Office & Payroll Clerk 651-744-8012
Elizabeth Putnam Teacher on Special Assignment (Elementary Programs) 651-744-8010
Leslie Snow Program Manager Credit Recovery Using Online Resources 651-744-8013