High School (9-12) Summer Learning Programs

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    High school is an important time for all students. Students in grades 9-12 can stay on track for graduation through credit recovery during Summer Session 1 and/or Summer Session 2.

    Credit Recovery (Distance Learning)

    Students in grades 9-12 who are behind on credits can enroll for Summer Session 1 and/or Summer Session 2. Students in grades 9-12 who are behind by more than six credits should attend BOTH Session 1 & 2. Students can take up to 3 courses each session, each course is worth 2 credits. School counselors determine the courses students should take.

    **Students who turned age 21 before the start of the session are not eligible.


    EL Language Development (Distance Learning)

    Current SPPS EL students in Grades 9-12 can develop their English language skills through ELL Language Development courses, or earn credits for graduation through Credit Recovery courses. School counselors enroll current SPPS Grades 9-12 EL students.


  • Students Who are Enrolled in Summer Learning Programs

    Important items you will need:

    1. Your SPPS student ID#
    2. Your Active Directory (AD) Login
    3. Your SPPS student email address

    Summer Session Dates:

    • Session 1: June 15 - July 9 (no program July 3)
    • Session 2: July 13 - August 6

    Summer Session will take place using distance learning. You must have your own device and internet connection.

    Important! Daily attendance, completion of assignments, and a passing letter grade are required in order to earn credit for a summer session course. There will be no Pass grades given for summer courses (only letter grades). 

    Daily requirements: You will need to log in and spend 1-1.5 hours per day on each course. Assignments will be posted each day at 8:00 a.m., and you will have until 11:59 p.m. that day to complete them.  Log into and complete the assignment for each course every day in order to be considered present.

    Getting started: Go to spps.org/onestop, click on Campus Student, log in with your AD login to see your summer course schedule. Your teacher(s) will contact you by email before the first day of summer session with information about your course(s), including expectations for earning a passing letter grade. You will also find out when your teacher(s) can be contacted face to face virtually or by phone between the Summer Session Teacher Office Hours of 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. If you don’t hear from your teacher(s) by the first day of the course, email the site administrator:

    Summer Session 


    Site Administrator

    Contact Info

    Session 1

    Gordon Parks

    Traci Gauer


    Session 1


    Rose Santos


    Session 1


    Tim Willimas

    Teresa Vibar

    Patrick Coyne




    Session 2

    Gordon Parks

    LaNisha Paddock


    Session 2


    Stacie Bonnick

    Kathryn Hinton



    Please ask your parent/guardian to review your Continual Learning Plan (CLP) with you and electronically sign it. It is located on Campus Parent (access through spps.org/onestop as well). Parents who have not accessed their account since January will receive their login through US mail.

    Contact information:

    1. Technology/connectivity issues:
      1. Email familysupport@spps.org
      2. Call 651-603-4348 7am-4pm
    2. For general questions, email the Department of Alternative Education at summer@spps.org.

  • Other Summer Learning Progarms

    Grades K-11. Students can participate in sports, arts, environmental and cultural programs with other students from across the metro area.

  • Transportation

    Transportation is available to most students attending a Summer Learning Program based on the Area of the student’s home or alternate address.

  • Summer Learning Programs 2020 Credit Recovery and EL Language Development programs for students currently in grades 9-12 will take place using distance learning.


    Registration Form for Grades 9-12 Non-SPPS Student

    • Current grades 9-12 SPPS families: School counselors are enrolling Grades 9-12 students who are in need of Credit Recovery or EL Language Development courses during Saint Paul Public Schools Distance Learning Summer Learning Program. Verify or update your household information in spps.org/onestop to make sure you receive all communication regarding your student’s participation in Summer Session 2020. To retrieve or reset your password, visit spps.org/onestop.


    • Non-current SPPS families: Enroll by completing the form linked above. ***Students must provide their own electronic device and internet access. Deadlines for submitting Registration Form:
      1. Session 1: Wednesday, June 17
      2. Session 2: Wednesday, July 15


  • If you have completed course work (seat based or digital) and need to have your transcript sent to a Non-SPPS school for high school credit, please follow the instructions on the following link:

    Summer transcripts are issued through the Student Placement Center.

    The $5 transcript fee is waived for students attending Summer Session(s).