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     In addition to industry-specific skills, Career Pathways equips you with valuable character-building skills, including:

    • Effective communication
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    • Decision-making
    • Teamwork

    After graduating from the Humboldt Welding Pathway, you have the pontential of being hired in an entry-level welding job, being accpetd into an apprentice program or coninuning your welding training at a community/technical college, like Saint Paul College. 

    Provided below is the sequence of clases that are in the Humboldt Welding Pathway.  Students in grades are required to take Introduction to agricuture before entering into the Welding Path. Students need to be in 10th grade to take Welding 1. 

    Welding Pathway

    Examples of Careers in Welding include:





    First line supervisors of production and operating workers

    Salary range: $20.37/hr-$33.15/hr ($42,380-$68,950 based on 40 hours per week)


    For more information contact: 

    Welding Pathway Counselor: Anika Stafford

    (651) 744-6416 or Anika.stafford@spps.org

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