Start College Planning Before High School

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  • Kindergarten may sound a little young to think about college, but nurturing the confidence in very young students to aspire to college plays a key role in the students’ motivation and persistence.

    The goal is not to have a child feel overwhelmed, but to advocate for college and career planning both at school and at home. Post-high school education or some training should be an expectation in order to prepare students for jobs that pay livable wages.

    The primary focus of college and career development activities in elementary school is awareness and exploration of the possibilities. In middle school, attending school every day, getting good grades (a ‘B’ or higher) points students on the road to graduation and success after high school.

    Research shows that the progress a student makes academically by 8th grade is critical to future success in high school and college.

    Then once high school begins, students are ready to achieve.

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Early College Booklet

  • Early College Booklet