Welcome to Fourth Grade!

  • Welcome Families to Fourth Grade!

    We are absolutely delighted to welcome you and your child to the wonderful world of fourth grade. This year promises to be a remarkable journey filled with new experiences, academic growth, and exciting challenges. As we embark on this adventure together, we want to give you a glimpse of the incredible learning opportunities that await your child in the fourth-grade classroom.

    In fourth grade, your child will encounter a diverse and engaging curriculum designed to foster their intellectual, social, and emotional development. Here's a sneak peek at some of the enriching subjects and experiences that will be part of your child's fourth-grade year:

    1. Language Arts: Get ready for an immersive exploration of literature and language. Your child will delve into captivating novels, refine their writing skills, and engage in thoughtful discussions, building strong communication skills along the way.

    2. Mathematics: Fourth graders will take their math skills to the next level with advanced concepts in multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and more. Problem-solving and critical thinking will be honed through real-world math challenges.

    3. Science: From the wonders of ecosystems to the mysteries of electricity and magnetism, fourth graders will embark on hands-on scientific adventures. They'll develop a deeper understanding of the natural world through experiments and exploration.

    4. Social Studies: Your child will journey through history, geography, and civics, gaining insights into different cultures, historical events, and the foundations of their society. This knowledge will help them become informed and responsible citizens.

    5. Art and Music: Creativity knows no bounds in fourth grade. Your child will have the opportunity to express themselves through various artistic mediums and musical experiences, fostering self-expression and imagination.

    6. Physical Education: Health and wellness take center stage as your child engages in a range of physical activities and team sports. They'll learn the importance of cooperation, teamwork, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

    7. Social and Emotional Learning: Fourth grade is a crucial time for developing empathy, resilience, and interpersonal skills. Your child will engage in activities that promote self-awareness, positive relationships, and effective communication.

    8. Technology: In a digital age, your child will further develop their digital literacy skills, learning how to use technology responsibly and creatively for both learning and personal growth.

    9. Critical Thinking: Problem-solving, analysis, and critical thinking will be woven into all subjects, empowering your child to approach challenges with confidence and ingenuity.

    Throughout the year, our dedicated educators will provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment where every student can thrive. We encourage open communication between parents, teachers, and students, fostering a strong partnership that nurtures your child's progress.

    As we embark on this exciting journey together, rest assured that your child's learning journey and well-being are our top priorities. We eagerly anticipate a year of exploration, growth, and shared achievements. Welcome to fourth grade!

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