Mario McHenry - Director of Production Services

  • Mario M

    I have been in technology professionally for over 20 years, and during my time, I have worn many hats and still do. Prior to joining Saint Paul Public Schools, my past experience includes integrating technology in K12, Higher Education, and Non-Profit/Government environments. I have obtained my Masters in Software Systems from the University of Saint Thomas, as well as various industry standard IT certifications. I believe embracing technology and education provides many life-changing opportunities. I am glad to be a part of an institution that embraces both for the betterment of our students and staff.


    Saint Paul Public Schools

    Director of Technology Support Services
    Technology Services Manager - Device Services

    Scott, Carver, Dakota Community Action Partnership (CAP) Agency
    Network and Systems Manager
    Systems Administrator

    University of MN, TC Office of Information Technology (OIT)
    Field Technician, Service Desk

    Minneapolis Public Schools
    Building Technology Coordinator
    Building Technician

    What part(s) of TS do you supervise?

    • Application Services, Infrastructure and Data Security Services, and PCMC.

    How many managers do you have?

    • Three

    How do your teams work together?

    Application Services, Data Security/Infrastrastructure Services, and PCMC work together by:

    • Understanding each others craft
    • Communicating often
    • Leveraging each others education, skills, and experiences to provide timely value add solutions to our district.

    Express your goals for the TS department's success

    • Continue to build and strengthen partnerships within our District.
      Better understanding the business need helps us introduce and/or improve services that meet or exceed the expectations of our students, staff, and communities.
    • Continue to build and strengthen vendor partnerships.
      Keep engaging vendors that are willing to understand the challenges unique to our district and provide timely, scaleable, flexible, cost-effective, sustainable technical solutions.