On-Call Interpreters (OCI)

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    To find an On-Call Interpreter (OCI), please search the database via the link below.  OCI on this list have been tested and approved by St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS). Schools are encouraged to check this website often for any updates.  It is the responsibility of the school or department to find an OCI who meets their needs.  If the language that you are searching for is not listed, there are currently no OCI employed by SPPS who speak that language.  If you need an ASL interpreter, please contact Heather Holter at heather.holter@spps.org.

    OCI submit their own hours either online or via PDF.  Schools are not required to submit pay sheets for them, unless they are working for Special Education.  Schools must complete the following log whenever they hire OCI. Please complete the log promptly after interpreting assignments are complete.

    On-Call Interpreter Log

    OCI are paid $30/hr. All OCI are paid two hours minimum for site visits and one hour minimum for phone calls/virtual meetings.  To help with cost savings, please attempt to schedule interpreter time consecutively.  If a last-minute cancellation is necessary, interpreters should be paid their minimum rate if the cancellation is less than 24 hours or one business day before their scheduled appointment.  Please attempt to avoid unnecessary cancellations.  

    If you have general questions about OCI, or if there is someone who would like to apply to be an interpreter, please contact Hannah Pierson at hannah.pierson@spps.org. 

    Please Note: OCI are approved for oral interpretation only and cannot perform any written translation.

    Search the list of On-Call Language Interpreters (OCI)