Internet Safety and Security


  • Cyber Safety Resources for Parents

    Teaching kids to be responsible and ethical users of the Internet and online resources, while also protecting their safety, is the responsibility of both the school and the family.  The District employs technology protection measures to filter access to inappropriate content, but no measure is 100% effective, and these protection measures only work on the district network.  Most risky online behavior occurs when the student is at home or is using a mobile device off of the district network. 

    Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Online

    • Place computers in a common area of the home where use can be monitored.
    • Talk to your child or teen regularly about their technology use.
    • Use parental controls to filter or block access to inappropriate content for younger students.
    • Set limits on the amount of "screen" time.
    • Ask your child or teen to show you the websites and online tools they are using.

    Digital Citizenship Tips

    • Information posted online is permanent, searchable, and can be copied, pasted, and shared in other places. This is known as your "Digital Footprint."
    • If you don't want your parent, teacher, employer, or enemy to see or know something, don't post it online.
    • Don't post personal information, such as your full name, address, or location online, as this allows others to track or find you.
    • Remember the Golden Rule, and treat others as you want to be treated.
    • Never post something online that you would never say to that person in a face-to-face environment.

    Link: Keeping Kids Safe Online -- In this video by Common Sense Media, kids provide ten tips for staying safe online.

    Common Sense Media provides Family Link: Media Agreements by different age levels, which can be used to establish guidelines and expectations around media use. Click on the links below to download and view the media agreements

    Resources for Parents

    Link: Advice for Parents -- Common Sense Media provides links to parenting advice organized by age, topics, and media type.  Topics include digital citizenship, Internet safety, cyberbullying, games, apps, and websites.

    Link: Connect Safely -- Safety tips, advice, and resources.  Target audience:  Teens, parents, and educators.

    Link: CyberSafe Girls -- This resource from the National Crime Prevention Council provides parents with resources to talk with your daughter about cyber safety. Target audience: Parents of girls.

    Link: Tips for Parents -- This resource from the National Crime Prevention Council provides parents with resources to talk with your child about Internet safety.  Target audience: Parents

    Link: Cyberbullying Resources -- This resource from the National Crime Prevention Council provides parents with resources about the topic of cyberbullying.  Target audience: Parents

    Technology Tools to Filter Access

    Google Link: SafeSearch and Link: Lock SafeSearch -- Learn how to manage the search settings on your browser to filter access to inappropriate content.

    Link: Safety Mode on YouTube -- Limit access to inappropriate videos on YouTube.

    Link: Internet Safety Resources for Students