Report A Security Incident

  • Report a Computer Security Incident

    To ensure the integrity of SPPS technology resources, immediately submit a service ticket to report a security incident or even a potential problem.  The Service Desk will record the incident to ensure that the issue is investigated and documented.  Also, please notify your supervisor.

    Reporting Methods


    What is a Security Incident?

    A computer security incident is any attempted or successful breach, misuse of, or damage to computing systems, data, or networks.  This includes unauthorized access; disclosure of passwords or data; and theft of equipment.  A computer security incident may involve any or all of the following:

    • Computer or device theft
    • Violation of district policies and Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Technology
    • Sharing or revealing passwords
    • Unauthorized computer or system access
    • Posting of confidential or restricted data to a publicly-accessible web site
    • A denial of service attack against data, a network, or a computer
    • Misuse of services, systems, or information
    • Vandalism or physical damage to a district technology resource
    • Unusual network connections to a computer
    • Sudden appearance of unexpected or unusual programs on a district technology resource
    • Presence of a virus, spyware, or other malicious program

    Student Misuse / Abuse of District Technology Resources

    Incidents involving student misuse or abuse of district technology resources must be reported to the building or program administrator, and will be dealt with at the building level in accordance with the discipline guidelines established in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Minor incidents such as removing keys from keyboards should be dealt with at the building level.  The building or program administrator must immediately report serious incidents involving unauthorized computer or system access; malicious abuse of technology systems; and theft.