About the Saint Paul Public Schools Board of Education

2023 Board of Education
  • Board of Education 2023
    Top row (l to r): Jim Vue, Jessica Kopp, Chauntyll Allen, Uriah Ward
    Bottom row (l to r): Jeanelle Foster, Halla Henderson, Zuki Ellis

School Board Information

  • The Saint Paul Board of Education, or school board, is responsible for the care, management and control of the school district.  The School Board is comprised of seven citizens of Saint Paul who are elected at-large in the district.  

    Members are elected to four-year overlapping terms, with elections held every two years.  At the end of a four-year term, members may run for re-election to sucessive terms.  Voting takes place at general elections in November and terms begin the first Monday in January thereafter.  

    If a vacancy occurs in the middle of the term, the School Board names an appointee to serve until the next district election.

    Every year in January, the Board holds the Annual Meeting, where it will elect officers and settle other routine business.  

    The Superintendent is an ex-officio member of the Board who facilitates and collaborates with the work of the Board; he is responsible to the Board to carry out their directives and to provide leadership to the District.

The Role of the School Board

    The board, with community input, envisions the educational future of its community and then formulates the goals, defines the outcomes, and sets the course for its district.

    To achieve its vision, the board establishes a structure and hires a superintendent to accomplish that vision.

    The board is accountable to the community for constantly monitoring the conditions affecting the district as a whole.

    The board advances its vision by focusing on student achievement, partnering with the community, and being proactive in addressing issues that affect education on local, state, and national levels.

    The board, as a whole, provides leadership to the community on behalf of the district by conducting its business in a fair, respectful, legal, and responsible manner.

Board Administration