Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Kia Yang


My name is Kia Yang. I gradutated from Como Park Senior High in 2008. This is my fourth year teaching Math at Como. This year I am teaching Intermediate Algebra and Algebra 2. I coach Boys and Girls Tennis here at Como. I enjoy all sports, being outdoors, and videogames! All my assignments and updates are on Schoology. If you have any questions, email me at 

Intermediate Algebra

  • Welcome to Intermediate Algebra. In Intermediate Algebra this year, we will be covering:

    Unit 1: Integers

    Unit 2: Solving Equations

    Unit 3: Function Introduction

    Unit 5: Linear Graphing

    Unit 6: Systems of Equations & Inequalities

    Unit 7: Monomials & Polynomials

    Unit 8: Factoring Polynomials

    Unit 9: Quadratic Functions & Quadratic Equations

    Unit 10: Data

    Unit 11: Radicals

    Unit 12: Rational Expressions


Algebra 2

  • Welcome to Algebra 2. In Algebra 2 this year, we will be covering:

    Unit 1: Solving Equations

    Unit 2: Linear Equations

    Unit 3: Linear Graphing

    Unit 4: Inequalities and Absolute Values

    Unit 5: Systems of Equations

    Unit 6: Systems of Inequalitites

    Unit 9: Quadratic Functions

    Unit 11: Factoring

    Unit 12: Complex Numbers

    Unit 13: Quadratic Equations

    Unit 14: Polynomials

    Unit 15: Rationals

    Unit 16: Radicals

    Unit 17: Logs and Exponentials

    Unit 18: Trigonometry

    If time permits, we will also cover: 

    Unit 7: Systems Word Problems

    Unit 8 & 10: Probability