Welcome to Our Restorative Center: Room 2102

  • You have the power to make today great.
    Your positive energy is contagious and makes all the difference in a child’s day.

    Our Restorative Center is used throughout the day for a place to check-in, to refresh and renew, to reset, to restore for students, staff, families and community. Robin King, our Coordinator is available throughout the day in our Center and also throughout the building to staff and support students as we implement Restorative Practices as an Eastern Heights Learning Community.

    As a whole building we are implementing daily Community Building Circles in every classroom as we begin and end our day together in circles and building our Restorative Impulse as we respond to each day.

    As a whole staff we are implementing Restorative Chats and Conversations with our students as well as each other to address challenges and immediate conflicts as they arise. 

    Robin King and Julia Mullan partner with other trained staff to conduct Restorative Conferences, Content Circles to learn, Problem Solving Circles, and Circles to Repair Harm for students and families as well as partnering with the Legal Rights Center for Family Group Conferencing.

    Robin King is also providing professional development and coaching support daily, weekly and through individual coaching to our entire staff as we move through our Exploration and Early Implementation phases of Restorative Practice.

    Closely tied to our Restorative Practices is our collaboration work with No Bully. Our Center is a space in which to hold Solution Team meetings with the guidance of our Solution Teams Coaches (Robin King, Julia Mullan, Nick Revak, Angie Wroblewski, Liv Roque- Conrad, Rikki Mohlenhoff and Thomas Kendrick .


Impulse- A Restorative Journey Blog

  • A Year in the Circle of Restorative Practices at Eastern Heights!

    Posted by Robin King on 5/20/2019 6:00:00 AM

    This has been a year(finishing up our second year as a financially supported Pilot Site) for our staff to lean into our Seven Core Assumptions, focus on our Restorative Impulse and continue to be learners in how to deeply instruct our scholars in Social Emotional Learning Competencies so that our school climate supports our deep dive into truly rigorous academic instruction.

    What does all of that mean? In short, that we seek to grow as an adult learning community so that we support our students to grow as a youth learning community.

    Some of our highlights:

    • Two days in August dedicated to sitting in restorative circles together and learning deeply about connecting our students’ social emotional needs with their success in academic learning
    • Books and Breakfast are how we start our day- gathering in community for the beginning of our day to either break bread or share our love of reading
    • Collaborative site visit learning with Nokomis North Elementary around classroom and whole school implementation of Restorative Practices
    • Restorative circles/ information at our family evening events as well as during conferences
    • Weekly opportunities for families, community members and staff to join together in circles to talk about a diversity of topics as well as joys and concerns in our community.
    • 10 fifth grade scholars who participated in our Eagle PRIDE (positive, restorative, inspired, determined, empathetic) Ambassador leadership cohort for the year; they supported our Tier 1 PBIS and also held circles in each of our classrooms to listen to scholars of all ages as they share their experiences with unkindness, bullying and how to make changes for a kinder, more positive school community.
    • Multiple community connections and in particular our second year as a member of the Southeast St Paul Early Learning Coalition
    • We are sending 7 staff to MDE (Minnesota Department of Education) 4 day Circle Training this June to further grow our restorative leadership team within the building!


    There has been so much more...mostly the building has experienced a greater sense of peace and kindness, restoration of relationships which have experienced harm and a sense of every scholar belongs to every adult and every adult belongs to every scholar.

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  • Mindfulness... What is it?

    Posted by Robin Gray King on 3/18/2019 6:00:00 AM

    As we are planning ahead for our next year shared with students, we of course begin looking at the current year and what things have been best and those things that have been challenging. When we received our schedule this year it included time in each day to implement mindfulness during the day with our students.

    This is time for our children (and us) to be still, to have our minds focused on a single action or thought, to lean into how our breathing, our thoughts, our muscles are feeling and to give ourselves a few moments of self care and reset to that we can continue doing our very important work.

    This truly is a gift. This is time dedicated to a great exhale and that luxurious feeling that accompanies that breath. That moment when you are aware of yourself and feel grounded.

    Mindfulness does not necessarily come naturally. We can be still...and not mindful. We can be breathing...and not mindful. We can move and stretch...and not mindful.

    How do we learn that ourselves? How do we teach our children?

    We have resources! Mindfulness can take on many forms but each and all of them are designed to create a turning inward, a pause from the external.

    Take time to revisit this ritual...make it truly a ritual. Revisit the routine of transitioning to mindfulness...make it truly routine. Take time to enjoy the communal connection of being still (even within a movement activity...find the stillness in the mind).

    55 Mindful Activities

    Mindful Coloring Pages

    If you want to learn more- Join our Community Voices of Action on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm or contact Robin King . robin.king@spps.org


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