Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission: To build a district wide framework that supports positive climate with articulated quality behavioral, mental health and wellness supports.

    Vision: To transform the SPPS community by aligning the tools, strategies, protocols and social emotional supports to create an environment of safety, respect and equity.

    Core Values:
    1. Achievement: We believe that all students achieve academically and socially in safe supportive environment with the opportunity to develop relationships and demonstrate their competencies.
    2. Alignment: We believe that coordination and collaboration between all stakeholders that impact school climate is necessary and valuable.
    3. Sustainability: We believe that it is imperative to maximize resources efficiently and effectively to promote positive school climate.
    4. Data Driven Decision Making: We believe that data driven analysis, implementation and evaluation are key in creating a supportive SPPS climate and environment.
    5. Promoting Wellness: We believe in the benefit of the physical and mental wellness of staff, students and families through holistic programming and professional development.


A School with Positive Climate is ...

  •  A place where everyone can thrive:

    • All voices are heard
    • Experience positive relationships
    • Mistakes are an opportunity for growth
    • We do not feel invisible 
    • Everyone feels safe and respected
    • We honor power with, not power over

    --Presented at the May 2016 Board of Education meeting by members of the St. Paul Public Schools' Student Engagement and Advancement Board (SEAB)