Medical Careers Pathway

Nursing Assistant students

    Program Description

    Through a partnership with Saint Paul College and Inver Hills Community College, the Medical Careers program at Humboldt High School provides students with an opportunity to explore courses related to health care.   This enables them to gain a strong foundation in healthcare knowledge before they go on to pursue a higher degree. 

    Currently, the courses available are:

    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Emergency Medical Responder
    • Nursing Assistant

    Upon successful completion of their course, students may earn articulated credit at Saint Paul College.   These courses may then be used towards healthcare degrees such as emergency medical technician (EMT) and licensed practical nurse (LPN). 

    Looking ahead…

    This is a young program and is projected to grow in the upcoming years. Courses to be added in the program include:

    • Medical Terminology
    • Introduction to Medical Careers



     Course Descriptions: 

    Anatomy and Physiology

    Through this course, students will acquire basic knowledge of the form and function of 11 body systems.    Students will learn through hands on lab activities, dissections, projects, independent work and teamwork.

    Digestive System  

    Emergency Medical Responder

    The curriculum for this course includes instruction in emergency medical care.  Upon successful completion of this program, students will be certified through the Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board.

    Career-Related Skills

    • CPR
    • Management of medical emergencies including seizures, strokes, heart attacks, and poisonings
    • Trauma management
    • Bandaging/Splinting/Immobilization

     Career Outlook       

    The Emergency Medical Responder course is highly recommended for individuals who would like to become a(n):

    • EMT/Paramedic
    • Firefighter/Police Officer 


    Nursing Assistant

    The curriculum for this course includes major components of basic nursing skills related to patient care in hospitals, long-term care facilities, or home care.  Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to take the Minnesota Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Competency exam.

    Career-Related Skills

    • Patient care, including grooming, bathing, dressing, and oral hygiene
    • Infection control techniques
    • Safety and emergency procedures
    • Maintaining a clean and safe environment
    • Performing vital signs
    • Medical abbreviations and terminology Healthcare provider CPR
    • Patient care observations
    • Communication techniques

    Career Outlook

    The Certified Nursing Assistant course is highly recommended for individuals who would like to earn a college degree to become a:

    • Nurse
    • Medical Assistant
    • Physician's Assistant
    • Physician




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