Welcome to the Strategic Planning and Project Management Office

  • "Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train that moves the organization forward." - Joy Gumz

  • The Strategic Planning and Project Management Office (SPPMO) provides strategic planning oversight and project management services.


    The mission of the SPPS Strategic Planning and Project Management Office is to provide district-wide services and support to identify, prioritize and successfully execute the strategic plan and projects that are aligned to the District's mission and strategic goals. 

    Strategic Planning Oversight

    The Strategic Planning and Project Management Office oversees the development and implementation of the District's strategic plan. This includes: 

    • Facilitating plan development, communications and stakeholder engagement.
    • Supporting initiative action teams and others in developing and completing work plans.
    • Coordinating outcome reporting and evaluation. 

    Project Management Services

    The Strategic Planning and Project Management Office establishes and implements project management best practices district-wide. This includes:

    • Supporting effective and efficient project results through the use of project management processes and tools.
    • Defining and maintaining project management standards among departments that do not have project managers on staff. 
    • Makes recommendations needed to formally manage projects and provides project templates and training assistance to departments.

    Our support levels:

    • Full support: SPPMO directly manages the project. 
    • Consultant support: SPPMO works in partnership with departments or teams as they manage projects through the project life cycle. (i.e. artifact creation, lifecycle phase checkpoints, etc.)
    • Resource support: SPPMO provides templates and tools to departments or teams that support the project management process. (i.e. self-help, templates, etc.)

    Project Management Templates: 


  • The project life cycle provides a step by step framework for managing a project through the project origination, initiation, planning, delivering and closure phases. 

    PM Lifecycle

    Each project phase is associated with templates to help effectively manage your project. Choose the template(s) that will work best for your project. 



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