School Gardens - Grow Our Own

  • Project Anywhere Farm 

    Grow your own wherever you are!  This project is based on the storybook "Anywhere Farm" by Phyllis Root.  Check the project's website for tips, hacks, and activities for your family, not to mention videos that include Read Outloud of the book and an interview with the author. 




    The SPPS School Garden Handbook is ready to be reviewed

    Interested?  Filll out this REVIEW INTEREST FORM.  Open to staff, families, community members, and community partners.  SPPS staff can receive up to ten hours paid. 


    Garden To Cafeteria Program Update & Free Seedlings & Garden To Cafeteria update

    We are still planning to support planting school gardens in late May or early June.  Need plants, seeds, equipment, assistance?  Fill out this form to help us gage the need.  Seedlings are free to all schools regardless if the school ends up participating in the Garden To Cafeteria program.  


    SPPS School Garden Tour and Training

    We are currently planning for a school garden Tour and Training for August 24 or August 28th.  To receive updates, be sure you and your team members are signed-up for the school garden newsletter.  Email with what you would like to learn, what schools or type of garden you would like to learn more about, and if you have a date/time preference!  Squeaky wheels get oiled! :)



    Get a free First Aid Kit for class garden visits

    Facilities provides first aid kits for free for Discovery Clubs and Gardens.  Fill out the request form -- Personal Protective Equipment - DISCOVERY CLUB & GARDENS. For non-SPPS staff, please ask a staff person on the garden committee or the principal to make the request for you.


    Growing Fruit?  

    Check out FruitEdge, a website maintained by UMN Horticultural Department to provide timely information and share ongoing research about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for fruit.  


    Season Extension  

    There are a number of ways to extend the length of the growing season into the school year using different techniques and mechanisms to start early and end later.  Check out UMN Extension’s webpage for a quick primer.


    MN School Garden Website

    In partnership with other organizations and school garden supporters, we have started to pull together a school garden website for Minnesota, featuring MN-specific resources and vetted for our climate.  Check it out at and share resources with others!  Let’s keep it growing! 



  • Grow Our Own is a project that aims to increase the opportunities for food and agricultural education for all students within the District by connecting school gardens, the cafeteria, and the classroom.  We are doing this through clarifying policies, providing networking and learning opportunities, and identifying resources for schools for successful Food Gardens. 

    This project supports Nutrition Services mission:"To eliminate hunger and provide every child with HOPE (Healthy Options, Positive Engagement) through exceptional food"

  • Sign-up for SPPS School Garden Newsletter! 

    Teachers, staff, parents and community members! Join the SPPS school garden email list to stay informed!  


    Update information about your school garden! 

    Got a garden? Fill out Garden Inventory Form to join the growing census of gardens, and to update contact information or partnership informatoin.  This information is critical so that we can effectively reach your school with opportunities and updates in a timely manner.


    School Garden Standards and Procedures

    Facilities has created a new Standards and Procedures for School Gardens!  Interested in starting, expanding or revamping your school garden? Need resources?  Contact to get started!


    Have a school garden question?    

    Email -- how to get started, how to run it, logistics & resources, safe food handling, Garden to Cafeteria Program, etc.