School Gardens - Grow Our Own

  • Grow Our Own is a project that aims to increase the opportunities for food and agricultural education for all students within the District by connecting school gardens, the cafeteria, and the classroom.  We are doing this through clarifying policies, providing networking and learning opportunities, and identifying resources for schools for successful Food Gardens. 


    Attend the SPPS School Garden Workshops (4 hours total) on August 19th.  Kids are welcome!  


    Please share this opportunity with anyone working with or wants to start a school garden in SPPS.  

    August 19, 2019

    11:00am - 3:00pm

    Murray Middle School, in their school garden (back end of the parking lot) 


    Garden To Cafeteria: We're harvesting our own lunch!  Hands-on learning of food safety practices in harvesting and washing produce.  This training qualifies your school to participate in the Garden To Cafeteria program, where school gardens can provide produce to the cafeteria and have it featured!  Where we have been testing it out, we are hearing that students are eating more fresh fruits and vegetables!   

    School Garden 101/201: We'll discuss general best practices around collectively managing and maintaining a school garden, and available resources and opportunities!  We'll discuss some key topics and put them to practice in the garden. Most importantly, you'll get to meet other school garden people in the District! 

    Registration is important!  It allows us to plan and keep you updated re logistics or weather, and to send a reminder because... it is on a Monday!  
    Sign up for one or both of the workshops at
    If you are unable to participate in the Training and are interested in future opportunities, please send me an email!  
    Questions?  Just reach out!  at

    Update your information about your school garden! 

    Fill out the online Garden Inventory Form to join the growing census of gardens, and to update contact information or partnership.  This information is critical so that we can effectively reach your school with opportunities and updates in a timely manner. 


    It takes a team!  

    Teachers, staff, parents and community members! Join the SPPS school garden email list to stay informed!  


    Have a school garden question?    

    Email -- how to get started, how to run it, logistics & resources, safe food handling when serving food from the garden, etc.  





    Get a free First Aid Kit for garden visits

    Facilities provides first aid kits for free for Discovery Clubs and Gardens.  Fill out the request form -- Personal Protective Equipment - DISCOVERY CLUB & GARDENS. For non-SPPS staff, please ask a staff person on the garden committee or the principal to make the request for you.

    Need Seeds?  

    Email  We have a variety available.  


    Growing Fruit?  

    Check out FruitEdge, a website maintained by UMN Horticultural Department to provide timely information and share ongoing research about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for fruit.  


    Season Extension  

    There are a number of ways to extend the length of the growing season into the school year using different techniques and mechanisms to start early and end later.  Check out UMN Extension’s webpage for a quick primer.


  • Grow Our Own is a collaboration between SPPS' Nutrition Services, Wellness, Facilities Departments and Youth Farm. 

    Youth Farm

    This project supports Nutrition Services mission:"To eliminate hunger and provide every child with HOPE (Healthy Options, Positive Engagement) through exceptional food"