School Gardens - Grow Our Own

  • Welcome to Grow Our Own, the SPPS program growing garden and food-based education in the classroom, cafeteria and community.

    Grow Our Own provides resources, assistance, and guidance for edible school garden development through coordination of SPPS departments and community partners.

    Grow Our Own contributes to Nutrition Services vision: "To eliminate hunger and provide every child with HOPE (Healthy Options, Positive Engagement) through exceptional food."

  • Start GardenInterested in starting a garden?

    Got a question about gardens?  Share what's happening and whether you are interested in starting a garden, or need help revamping.

  • VolunteersGarden Volunteers

    Would you like to volunteer to support garden-based food education?

  • Summer Internship


    See what a summer internship for Grow Our Own is like.

  • Why does Nutrition Services encourage school gardens? 

    School gardens are an empowering way for kids to learn about food and make connections to the cafeteria staff who support their education through good nutrition.


    Why Grow Our Own? 

    School gardens need support! Grow Our Own pulls together resources within SPPS and our community to help schools get the most out of their gardens.


    How does Grow Our Own support sustainability? 

    Grow Our Own provides guidance for building a team of support in the school and community, so the planning, work, and benefits are shared!


    Thanks to our funders! Cargill Foundation, UDSA, Allina Foundation, and Minnesota Department of Health-SHIP