SPPS Commitment to Sustainability

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  • Earth Day
    Saint Paul Public Schools recognizes the importance of conserving resources and protecting our environment. SPPS pledges its commitment to environmental stewardship that positively impacts students so they can become environmentally literate leaders.

    Down with Styrofoam
    SPPS has moved to fully compostable lunch trays on days when disposable trays are needed.

    Garbage to Garden
    This school year, SPPS made the switch to a full compost program. This allows schools to increase the types of waste diverted from landfills, including food waste, paper towels, napkins and compostable trays.

    Pervious Pavement
    Pervious pavement is a style of concrete paving that allows movement of stormwater through the pavement and into the surface of the soil. This reduces the amount of water runoff during heavy rains, helps filter water, and traps pollutants. Pervious pavement is currently in use at St. Paul Music Academy and the District’s Administration Complex, which includes Bridgeview School and Focus Beyond.

    Hydration Stations
    Every school has a hydration station: a water fountain with a bottle filling station. The stations promote drinking more water, reduce plastic bottle waste, and are expected to provide up to 10 percent water savings over a regular water fountain.

    Grow Our Own
    Saint Paul Public Schools embraces garden-based learning in order to increase an understanding of how our food is grown. Grow Our Own is a project that aims to increase the opportunities for food and agricultural education for all students by connecting school gardens, the cafeteria and the classroom.