Tips for Returning to School

  • Starting school is an exciting time for students, but it can also be overwhelming for some children—especially with all of the changes over the past few school years. Here are some ideas to help support your student(s) as they return to school: 

    • This article gives some great ideas about supporting your student’s return to school, including addressing nervous feelings, encouraging school readiness, creating a routine and schedule, and communicating with your child’s teacher.
    • Take a little time to talk about what this school year will look like, including your student’s schedule (when they get on the bus, what time school starts and ends, and what will happen after the school day ends). Making a visual like one of these can also be helpful. 
    • Chat about what your child can do when they feel frustrated or overwhelmed at school and who they can talk to (their teacher or school counselor). Use this as a guide
    • Make sure to talk about what they’re excited about for the school year! The adjustment to starting school can be difficult, but there are many new and exciting things to experience! Take a few minutes to ask them some questions about what they’re looking forward to. 

    If your child or family needs extra support, reach out to your school’s counselor or social worker. They can help you address your child’s mental health and connect you with community resources, where appropriate.