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    Voters approved the Saint Paul Public Schools request to increase school funding. We are grateful for this support.

    The funding will help us invest in student needs and support implementation of our SPPS Achieves Strategic Plan to increase achievement for all. Thank you!





    If voters approve the request, the funding would help:

    Invest more in schools and student needs at all grade levels

    Implement the district’s Strategic Plan to increase achievement for all students

    Increase mental health and social-emotional learning support for students

    Create middle schools designed to meet the academic and developmental needs of this age group and set them on a solid path for high school and beyond

    Limit additional budget cuts


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    What is an Operating Levy?

    Operating levies provide critical funds for classrooms, instruction and other school operating costs.



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    If voters do not approve the request, the district will face continued multimillion-dollar budget cuts, likely resulting in:

    Cuts to programs that help students who struggle with basic academic skills

    Cuts to staff and academic programs in all schools

    Cuts to the number of administrators, classroom aides, clerical, custodial and other support staff throughout the district

    Severely limiting the district’s ability to implement its new community-supported Strategic Plan


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  • Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) is the second largest school district in Minnesota, but has one of the lowest voter-approved operating levies when compared to the state's ten largest districts and SPPS neighbors. These levies provide critical funding for classrooms, instruction and other operating costs.


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    My plan is to do what my teachers have inspired me to do, which is to help kids who often times don’t know what they’re doing, and need as much help as they can get.”



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    “My favorite subject is math. I’m learning about adding and subtracting negative numbers because I’m in accelerated pre-algebra. I come from a family that does a lot of math and reading. All my brothers and sisters think reading is the easiest subject, but I think math is. You’re going to need it somewhere in life so I really like math.”

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    Strong public schools are directly linked to the well-being of our city and strong property values.