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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Chi Fomafung

I'm Chi Fomafung and I am the Counselor for grades 7 & 8 at Capitol Hill. Working with this age group is a passion of mine since it is a pivotal transitional period in their lives. Students go through transduce transition at home, in school and physically biologically. I will be working closely with the elementary counselor and the school social worker will collaborate to provide a strong student support team.

Individual counseling 

I work with students on individual bases for different reasons, such as struggling with peers, anger management, difficulties in the classroom, anxiety, etc. Referrals to the counselor can be done by classroom teachers, parents, or through student self-referrals.

Small group counseling

I will also facilitate small student groups throughout the year. The small group is usually a great way to have students that face similar challenges meet and help each other. It is an excellent way for students to come together and develop positive coping skills in a safe enriching setting. The topics covered in the small group varies depending on students’ needs. 

Classroom Guidance

I will be in the classrooms periodically to teach a series of social, emotional lessons to every student. The goal is to help empower students with the self-knowledge, coping skills, and life skills to help them become motivated learners, effective communicators, and good team members, creative people and responsible citizens. I will also use the classroom time to help prepare students for college by using Naviance which is a college and career planning website used throughout the districts.

 Students link to Naviance here