Congratulations! You have graduated from kindergarten and officially become a 1stgrade student. This year will be an exciting journey full of exploration and fun! Elementary education has profound influence in a person’s life learning as kids form crucial thinking patterns, learning habits, team working spirit and the sense of achievement of themselves, and the 1stgrade is where you open the door to the brand new world, and we will do the magic together.

     I would like to introduce myself a little bit. I was born and grew up in Luoyang, China. That is a city used to be the capital of thirteen dynasties through the Chinese history, and Peony is the flower of the city.  I held a bachelor’s degree of Public Administration and a Master Degree of Public Affairs in China and in US, and got my Master of Education and K-6 MN licensure from University of Minnesota. I have been working as an educator in China and US since 2012, and have joined JieMing family since 2017 as a TA, a parent and a teacher, and find this place my home. Besides teaching, I like hiking, reading, music and appreciating different cultures with my 10 years old daughter, 7 years old son and my husband.

     You can email me anytime at xinyue.zong@spps.org, and any comments or concerns would be appreciated. 


    Xinyue (Jessie) Zong /Zong Laoshi


    Classroom phone: 651-744-8377




  • Zong Laoshi