School Social Work


    Social Worker School Assignments



    Nicole Other Medicine


    Renae Davis


    Senior High Schools


    Creative Arts Secondary School

    Central Senior High

    Harding Senior High

    Como Park Senior High

    Humboldt Secondary

    Gateway to College

    Journeys Secondary School

    Gordon Parks High School

    Open World Learning Community

    Highland Park Sr. High

    Washington Secondary

    Johnson Senior High


    Junior High/Middle Schools

    Capitol Hill Gifted & Talented Magnet

    American Indian Magnet 6th- 8th Grade

    Farnsworth Aerospace 5-8 Upper Campus

    Battle Creek Middle

    Highland Park Middle School

    Creative Arts Secondary School

    Murray Middle School

    Hazel Park Preparatory Academy

    Ramsey Middle School

    Linwood Monroe Arts Plus Upper


    Parkway Montessori and Community Middle School

    Elementary Schools

    American Indian Magnet PreK-5

    Adams Spanish Immersion

    Bruce Vento

    Barack & Michelle Obama

    Capitol Hill Gifted & Talented Magnet

    Battle Creek Elementary

    Como Park Elem.

    Benjamin E. Mays Magnet

    Dayton’s Bluff

    Bridge View

    Eastern Heights

    Chelsea Heights

    Farnsworth Aerospace Pre-K – 4 Lower Campus

    Cherokee Heights

    Frost Lake Elementary

    Crossroads Montessori

    Groveland Park Elementary

    Crossroads Science

    Hamline Elementary School

    Expo Elementary

    Heights Community School

    Four Seasons

    Highland Park Elem.

    Galtier Community School


    Hazel Park Preparatory Academy

    John A. Johnson

    Highwood Hills

    L’Etoile Du Nord French Immersion

    Horace Mann

    Maxfield Elementary

    JJ Hill Magnet

    Mississippi Magnet

    Linwood Monroe

    Paul & Sheila Wellstone

    Nokomis Montessori Magnet School

    Phalen Lake

    River East

    Randolph Heights


    Saint Paul Music Academy

    St. Anthony