Mr. Scott Moore

Phone: 855-223-3476


Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Education Arts - St. Thomas Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of Missouri

Mr. Scott Moore

He began teaching 5th grade at JAJ Elementary in September 2018. Before starting his career as a teacher, he volunteered in Mr. Kirby Scull's math class at Como Park Senior High in 2015. He worked as a T.A. at the Heights Community School in 2016. In 2017 he began the St. Paul Urban Teacher Residency program in Cohort 2. During that time he co-taught 4th grade with Nathan Kellar-Long at Four Seasons. 

When he isn't writing lessons for or teacing his students, Mr. Moore folds origami animals, walks his dog Skylar along the Mississippi, and embarasses his 2 children and wife by "flossing" in public. You may see Mr. Moore around St. Paul distributing flowers of light ant love or launching a Love Bomb.

He has been married to the lovely Paula Beck for over 17 years. They have a 14 year-old son, an 11 year-old daughter, a 3 year-old dog named Skylar and a 1 year-old cat named Fiddle. They are all happy to call St. Paul their home.

Mr. Moore thinks that John A. Johnson Elementary is a connected and caring community school. He feels fortunate to partner with his students and their families as they improve their education and expand their understanding. He believes that when children do the talking, they learn the most.