Mr. Jason Lahr

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Mr. Jason Lahr


Read 180 focuses on improving reading comprehension.  We do work on writing skills as well.  There are three stations that students work through each day in Read 180.  First, we have large group instruction where we discuss the lesson for the day.  Students then go to one of two stations.  One station is small group where we continue the daily lesson.  Another is the computer station where they work on spelling, word recognition, comprehension, and vocabulary skills.  We will also have one day per week where half the period will be spent reading and one day reading a book.  At the end of each unit we practice language and writing skills.


Student grades are based 80% on assessments (quizzes, tests, and projects) and 20% on homework (work completed at home and in-class assignments). 


Students will have an assessment at the end each unit.  They also have a writing assessment at the end of each unit.  We also have daily assignments of filling out their reading logs and short daily writings.


Students will not typically have homework for my class, but the more students can read outside of class the better.