Standards are Used to Guide Teaching and Assess Student Progress

  • Minnesota State Standards

    From the Minnesota Department of Education's website

    The Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards define expectations for the educational achievement of public school students across the state in grades K-12. The standards and benchmarks are important because they: 1) identify the knowledge and skills that all students must achieve by the end of a grade level or grade band; 2) help define the course credit requirements for graduation; and, 3) serve as a guide for the local adoption and design of curricula. Student mastery of the standards is measured through state and local assessments.

    State standards are in place for English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and physical education. State standards also are available in the arts, or districts may choose to develop their own. Local standards must be developed by districts for health, world languages, and career and technical education.

    Standards-based Progress Reports 

    In Saint Paul Public Schools we provide Progress Reports to families three times a year. The Progress Reports are based on the Minnesota State Standards.

    The purpose of standards-based progress reporting is to let parents and students know how the student is doing on concrete learning goals, and to encourage students to improve. All students are evaluated on the same key skills, creating more consistency in course content. With a single letter grade, it is harder for parents to tell which skills their children have mastered or to understand what students are expected to learn. 

    Information in Support of Progress Reports -  Standards 

    Please see the documents below for Grade Level Standards at Benjamin E. Mays IB World School.

    Kindergarten - English

    1st Grade - English

    2nd Grade - English

    3rd Grade - English

    4th Grade - English

    5th Grade - English

    Hmong - Information in Support of Progress Reports

    Karen - Information in Support of Progress Reports

    Somali - Information in Support of Progress Reports

    Spanish - Information in Support of Progress Reports