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Katrina Haukom

Hello!  My name is Katrina Haukom! I grew up in Inver Grove Heights, MN and now live in Roseville, MN.  I attended college at the University of Wisconsin- River Falls and the University of North Dakota- Grand Forks.  When I’m not doing school activities, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family and friends!


I teach Accelerated Pre-Algebra and Algebra.  Listed below is a brief summary of the topics covered in those courses as well as the websites from our SAVVAS curriculum for each course.


In Accelerated Pre-Algebra we study:

-Mean, Median, Mode, Range

-Coordinate Graphing

-Ratios, Rates, and Proportions

-Adding/Subtracting Integers

-Multiplying/Dividing Integers



-Order of Operations

-Evaluating Expressions with Variables

-One and Two Step Equations

Here is the link to more resources for this course


In Algebra we study:

-Review Adding/Subtracting/ Multiplying/Dividing with Integers

-Order of Operations: Exponents, Square Roots, Absolute Value, Order of Operations

-Commutative/Associative/Distributive Property/Combining Like Terms

-Solving One Step Equations, Two Step Equations, Multi-Step Equations, and Variable on Both Sides Equations



-Graphing equations from t-charts

-Matching graphs/ordered pairs/tables equations, linear, intercepts

-Slope, Slope Formula, Rate of Change

-Slope Intercept Form

-Pythagorean Theorem

Here is the  link to more resources for this course


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