Degrees and Certifications:

Hamline University - M.A.T ELL Metropolitan State University - B.S in Business Management

Ms. Westmoreland

Hello, I am Ms. Westmoreland I am an ELL teacher at Battle Creek Middle School. I started at Battle Creek in 2018. This year I am working with the 6th grade ELA team co-teaching readers and writers workshop, I will also be teaching my own ELD class, and I am very excited about this year. 

I am originally from Ecuador and I speak Spanish. Moved to Minnesota in 1997, lived in Minneapolis for a few years, I have lived in Saint Paul for 12 years. Before getting into teaching I worked for a nonprofit organization helping families keep their homes and while doing that I was also voluntering at an elementary school. I was helping ELL students and it reminded me of when I had arrived here and didn't know English, how hard it can be at times and that is what got me into teaching ELL. I want to give back to my community and what best way to do it then to teach.

During my free time I like to spend time with my family, my husband, our 10 month old daugther and our 8 year old dog. We love to travel, for me traveling isn't just about going to a new place, but really learning a new culture, taking in what their living style is like. You get to learn alot by going to different places even if its here in the United States. I love to be outdoors, during the summer time we like to go camping, and take a road trips. I love to draw and paint but only do it when I have time which lately has been a bit hard with a baby.