Ms. Xiong
  • Ms. Xiong



    Degrees & Certificates:

    Elementary Education - Saint Catherine University

  • HELLO! 

    My name is Ms. Xiong and this will be my fourth year working in Saint Paul Public Schools as a teacher, seven years total in the district. I was born and raised on the east side of Saint Paul, and am a proud SPPS graduate from Johnson Senior High School. I graduated with my degree in elementary education at St. Catherine University and am currently in my grad program at the University of Saint Thomas to become a better educator for our students.

    I am a strong advocate for mental health, social and emotional learning, and community building. I believe that all my students deserve a classroom where they will feel safe and comfortable in. I strive to build a strong community in any classroom that I am a part of and continue to include every and all individuals from all backgrounds. Do not hesitate to email or call if any problems should arise. I am here for my students and families.