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    About me:

    I love learning new things and I love teaching chemistry! Some of my hobbies include running, skiing, biking (generally being outside), cooking, reading, and traveling. I also enjoy Coordinating our school's American Chemical Society Chem Club, and co- coordinating our school's FIRST Robotics club. These days I also spend a lot of time with my puppy, Snoop Dogg.

    Currently, I teach: 

    Saint Paul College Chemistry, grade 10 - This is a year-long college credit class as well as a class that fulfills the high school required credits for chemistry. Students are concurrently enrolled in the year-long course taught on site at Washington. Students earn their high school chemistry credits and 4.0 college credits (including 1.0 lab credit) at the same time. This course is a general chemistry class, with an emphasis on how chemistry affects our daily lives and the environment.

    Chemistry, grade 10 - This year-long class fulfills the high school required credits for chemistry. It's runes and potions! Students learn all about the periodic table and how matter rearranges in chemical reactions.

    Conceptual Physics, grade 9 - Students study physics and earn required high school science credits. It is a year-long course that covers motion and moving objects along with the nature of science and engineering.