“While 'caring about' conveys feelings of concern for one's state of being, 'caring for' is active engagement in doing something to positively affect it.” ― Geneva Gay, Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research, and Practice

  • Currently employed as an ESL teacher at St. Paul Public Schools, coming full-circle as I completed my primary and secondary education within the district, where I attended: Adams, Spanish Immersion, Highland Park Jr. High, and Highland Park Sr. High. At this point in my life I’m ready to give back to the schools that've helped me become who I am today. English, Social Studies, and Theatre were my favorite subjectsin school, but what truly made my learning special were the teachers. The teachers who led these classes helped frame my perspective on sharing your passion through educating young minds. Being a teacher myself has provided me the oppourtunity to combine all subjects I enjoy, as well as work with and inspire youth, in the same manner my teachers helped me learn to be the most authentic version of myself to present to the world. My goal is to do the same with my students. 

    A few interesting items about “Mr. Santiago”:

    • Education is my passion
    • Adult piano learner
    • Reading, writing, exercising, and/or dancing are how I center myself
    • Family is important to me, including my beagle Lola
    • Fluent in Spanish and currently learning Portuguese 


    Core beliefs that guide my teaching:

    • Every student deserves an equitable opportunity at an education 
    • Learning is only as good as the person teaching the lesson
    • Multiple teaching strategies must be implemented to reach every students  specific learning styles
    • The key to learning is teaching students to read
    • All staff must be socially aware of people from every background, including: race, culture, gender, gender identity/ expression, sexuality, and socio-economic conditions 
    • Position of leadership in all schools should model expectations that are held to a high standard for all students
    • Learning another language is essential to framing your surrondings and being a global citizen in todays interconnected societies
    • Bridging the education gap through communication, action, and commitment to parents and students in regards to children's education
    • Teaching college and career readiness is essential to guiding our  students through to their post-secondary education  and for the betterment of society
    • All teachers must commit to becoming lifelong learners 


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