About SPPS Enterprise Information Technology Governance (EITG)

  • Purpose

    Enterprise IT Governance (EITG) promotes optimal value from enterprise resources in alignment with the SPPS Strategic Plan. The Enterprise IT Governance process ensures effective management through structured evaluation, prioritization, and communication.


  • Description

    The EITG exists to facilitate the creation of temporary endeavors undertaken to create unique technology-based products, services, or results.

    The EITG process allows SPPS to examine Information Technology (IT) requests. These requests can then be vetted and prioritized as they relate to resources. A well-considered governance process helps promote the best customer service and support for our users. Knowing what the district's IT needs will help Technology Services provide and/or adapt the technology tools needed in schools and departments. The EITG Committee is composed of staff from across the district, allowing for multiple viewpoints and experiences. The attached intake form provides an overview of the information needed to start the process.

    Note: The top part of the form should be sent over to the vendor for them to fill out; (if a potential vendor has already been selected). 

  • Objectives of Enterprise IT Governance

    • Alignment to the SPPS Strategic Plan
    • Management, planning, transparency, value and delivery of technology
    • Engagement of SPPS departments in the process
    • Provision of a governance framework covering
      • Benefits and value realization
      • Resource optimization
      • Risk optimization
      • Funding
    • Support for
      • Return OInvestment (ROI)
      • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Definition of a Project

    Projects are proposed to the EIT Governance Committee using the intake form. The following parameters should be considered in making a proposal. 

    • Commitment: Is the level of effort by Technology Services more than 40 hours​
    • Temporary: is the project expected to last for a set period of time​
    • Timing: Does the project have a definite beginning and end​
    • Effect: Does the project require resources outside the requesting department​
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