Program Services


    The American Indian Education Program provides services to students, parents and families. All services are supplemental to existing services or are services not provided by another school program. American Indian Education Program services may be provided to any American Indian student who is:

    - An enrolled member of a tribe, band or other organized group, including Alaskan Natives.
    - The child or grandchild of a member of a tribe, band or other organized group. 


    Cultural Enrichment

    • Groups on American Indian history, cultural identity, traditions,heritage, crafts, arts and literature standards and field trips. Provided to American Indian Students K thru 6th in several schools.
    • Dakota/Lakota Language instruction. Social Studies standard. Offered through the American Indian Studies Program to students attending American Indian Magnet School and Harding Senior High.
    • Cultural in-service for school staff
    • Language Knowledge Bowl Competition. Teams of American Indian Studies students participate from American Indian Magnet School and Harding Senior High.
    • Sewing Society, open to students, families, and community members

    Social Service Staff

    • Work with district staff on best practices for American Indian Intervention Strategies
    • Consultation with parents via home, school, and phone contacts; providing advocacy and referral. District wide service to American Indian parents and students.
    • Assist school team and family to work together to improve academic success, school attendance and the social emotional function of American Indian students in Saint Paul Public Schools

    Chemical Prevention K-12

    • Preventative CD awareness groups utilizing "Project Alert" curriculum for grades 6-9
    • Sobriety support groups grades 9-12
    • "Families of Tradition" workshops for family members of our students.
    • Recognition for American Indian Families within the program.
    • One on one counseling for students and family members.
    • Chemical prevention information within the schools to students and staff.
    • Referrals/liaison to community chemical dependency programs.

    Post Secondary Planning Program

    • Advocacy, liaison services and counseling.
    • Inservice parents and District staff on post secondary and financial aid.
    • Assistance in obtaining financial aid.
    • Coordinate college field trips.
    • Coordinate college representatives to visit high schools.
  • School Counseling (Catching a Dream)

  • Sewing Society

  • School Social Work

  • Online Ojibwemowin 1

  • Families of Tradition

  • Chemical Use Prevention Program