Boon Yang

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    Hi there! My name is Boon Yang. I am a social studies teacher here at Harding High School. I have an undegraduate degree in History and a master's degree in Social Studies from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

    A little about myself, I am a product of SPPS and grew up on the East side of St. Paul. I started teaching here at Harding in 2019. Some hobbies I enjoy are cars, motorcycling, fishing, and outdoor activities. Lastly, another thing I love to do is travel! It has been a pleasure working for the community that shaped me who I've become today. 

    If there are any questions, please reach out to me via email.

    Motivational Quote: "If you're brave enough to start, you're strong enough to finish" -Gary Ryan Blair

Contact Information


    (651) 744-2706


  • World History (9th Grade)

    Human Geography Accelerated (10th Grade)