Mr. Andersen by his class's "When Pigs Fly" art project
Mr. Andersen in his classroom
  • Mr. Andersen

    My name is Daniel Andersen and I’ve taught all grade levels, K-12, in over three decades of teaching, which, I believe, gives me the distinction as the eldest teacher in the building.

    A student entering my class can expect a “tight ship” behaviorally, a delightfully messy art project on any given day, captivating tales of my elementary teachers now long deceased, oodles upon oodles of writing instruction and assignments, both fiction and non-fiction, and a few academic/thematic parties dotted cross the year rewarding massively terrific reading, research and writing projects.

    Personally, I enjoy belting out Broadway tunes with my grand-daughter on a road trip, over-eating pepperoni pizza, galloping around on my leased horse, Razzberry, and wondering if it is too late in my life to become a cowboy or an oceanographer.