AGAPE store
  • The AGAPE Store is open once a week on Fridays during Lunch. Students with perfect attendance for the week get to shop 15 minutes early. 

    The "AGAPE Dollars" used in the store are earned through an attendance incentive-based program.  Students earn "AGAPE money" for each class period they attend each day.  Students with perfect attendance receive a bonus of $5. During a regular week, a student with perfect attendance in all four classes could earn $25 in AGAPE money. Items are usually priced between $0.10 for small items and up to $5.00 for larger items. 

    We gladly accept donations of gently used infant and toddler clothes, books, blankets, gear and new personal products for our students and babies.  School funds are not used to stock the AGAPE store.  We rely solely on donations from community members.  Please contact our Parenting Educator, Susan Shorey ( or the school office ( with questions. 



    Winter jackets and snowpants for Infant through 5T sizes (boys and girls)

    Waterproof winter boots, waterproof mittens and hats

    WIPES & DIAPERS IN ALL SIZES (Open packages of diapers are GREAT! New, sealed wipes only, please!)

    Personal items for moms: Shampoo, body wash, deodorant, toothbrushes/paste, lotion (New, sealed items only, please!)

    Clothing items for moms: Socks, underwear (new pkgs only), leggings, sweatshirts & sweatpants (non-maternity) XS-XXL, warm winter jackets, hats and mittens

    We appreciate all donations and are happy to provide a thank you letter which contains our tax ID for charitable donation tax deduction purposes!