Mr Banker

  • Hello! I am a chemistry teacher here at Harding. I studied at Hamline University, attaining bachelor degrees in Chemistry and Education. I look forward to working with young people every day. I believe learning is reciprocal. I learn as much from my students as they learn from me (likely more!). I value classroom experiences where everyone is known by name and their pronouns, and where the learning stems from the ideas of students themselves. Science is a beautiful and complicated process. I encourage students to lean into opportunities to form their own ideas, test them, and be surprised.

    I also hold myself to a standard of continued learning about anti-racist and inclusive education. If my students' experiences in my classrooms are less than that, they deserve better, and I am committed to grow and learn from whatever feedback I receive.

    Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my beautiful family. I love experiencing adventures and conversations with my wife, Emily, and I soak up all the magic of holding my baby daughter, Aurelia. I also play soccer, write poetry, and am a songwriter + musician.

    I value social justice, mindfulness, conversation, empowerment, spirituality, family, and kindness.

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  • 4th Hour: Prep
    5th Hour: Chemistry (1329)
    6th Hour: Chemistry (1329)
    7th Hour: Chemistry (1329)