Important Note: Comcast and Xfinity DO NOT request Social Security Information for logging in. There have been reports of some users being asked for private information. Do not provide that information. If possible, please take a screen shot and sent it to the Help Desk.

Help with Connecting to Existing WiFi Connections

  • This page has a linkt to Xfinity WiFi (Comcast) instructions for connecting to WiFi. These instructions can be found at

    In separate tabs at the top of the page, the link includes information for connecting:

    • Laptops,
    • Handheld Devices, and
    • Tablets

    The directions also include information for signing into Xfinity Wifi. You will normally not need to complete all of the steps in order to access your WiFi network. 

    These instructions were chosen due to the fact that some staff may need to check out an Xfinity WiFi Hot Spot in order to get new WiFi at home during the Covid Event.