Quick Reference Phone Guide

  • This quick reference section addresses call forwarding, accessing voicemail and how to reset your voicemail pin.

    Setup Call Forwarding

    To forward your SPPS line to an external number please submit a ticket at https://servicedesk.spps.org and a technician will follow up with you.

    Accessing Your SPPS Voicemail Remotely

    SPPS employees can access voicemail remotely by following the steps below:

    1. Dial the voicemail pilot number 651-767-8399
    2. Press *
    3. Enter ID (mailbox number aka last 5 digits of office phone number)
    4. Press #
    5. Enter PIN

    Resetting Your Pin

    To reset your SPPS voicemail pin, please submit a ticket at https://servicedesk.spps.org and a technician will follow up with you.