Distance Learning Update/Schedule

  • Dear Central Families,

    As you know, Governor Walz closed Minnesota schools from March 16-27 for educators to plan for distance learning. Our Central team has been preparing to best meet the academic, social, and emotional learning needs of all our students.  Teachers have been planning for distance learning, testing out technology that is new to them, and preparing to welcome each of you to this new platform.  Distance learning will begin April 6, after the SPPS Spring Break (March 27-April 3).

    High school class periods will be scheduled two times per week. Alternating days will ensure students can manage their workload and teachers have time to plan and provide quality learning and feedback as we all work to get used to this new platform. Periods 1 - 4 will meet on Monday/Thursday and Periods 5- 7 plus an advisory will meet on Tuesday/Friday. Wednesdays will be used for supporting and working with students, teacher collaboration and meeting times, etc. 

    Here is a description of our distance learning plans.  

    What will distance learning look like?

    Distance learning will look different from class to class and day to day. Here are a few examples. A teacher may simply assign a task for students to complete, ask them to watch a video, participate in a virtual meeting, or engage in an online discussion.  

    • Most of the distance learning activities will not be time-specific, meaning they do not need to be completed at a specific time of the day. Our model is what is referred to as asynchronous, there is flexibility for when students log in and complete the assignment.  Due dates will be communicated with the assignment. 
    • Teachers will be available during the scheduled class time for instruction, small group and individual support.  Additionally, virtual meetings may be scheduled at a specific time. These will be communicated to students in advance. Being in the virtual meeting will help improve student/teacher connection, but attendance will not be required. 
    • Students will be given assignments for each course through schoology. 
    • Teachers will document attendance as students complete a daily check in through a new course called Daily Connect, for Central, that will be your advisory group.
    • Assignments will be submitted electronically.

    How will students, teachers and families communicate?

    • Teachers will post daily lessons by 8:30 a.m. 
    • Teachers will be available by email and voicemail throughout the typical school day 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Email will be the best way to connect with your teacher. Teachers will be checking voicemails and returning phone calls as needed.  As teachers may be working from home, returned calls may come from an unknown number. 

    What does a student’s schedule look like for distance learning?

    • During distance learning, each course will assign work two times a week (Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday). 
      • Periods 1, 2 3, and 4 on Monday and Thursday
      • Periods 5, 6, 7 and Advisory on Tuesday and Friday
      • Teachers are also available 3:00-3:30 for student specific support and questions.
      • On Wednesdays, staff will be completing meetings, checking in with students and providing more specific student support.   
    • As we’ve said, the time students complete assignments is flexible. That said, virtual meetings will typically occur according to the schedule below. Families can choose to follow this schedule as they are able, but it is not required. 

    Central Distance Learning Schedule