Tamari Hobbins

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    I love reading! It took me a really long time to learn to read as a child but now that I am an adult it is my favorite hobby. I am proud of being a Geek and love learning new things. I often take classes just for fun. I recieved my first Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

    As a child, I grew up on the east side and attended the Heights Community School, Hazel Park Middle School and Harding Senior High. I am very excited to be back here as a teacher. I first came to Harding in 2007. Currently, I teach ninth grade Content Acceleration.

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Contact Information

  • Tamari Hobbins

    Email: tamari.hobbins@spps.org

    Classroom Phone: 651-744-1233

    Google Voice Phone: 612-405-0226



  • 1st hour- PREP

    2nd hour- Content Acceleration 9

    3rd hour- PLC

    4th hour- Content Acceleration 9

    5th hour - AVID 12

    6th hour- AVID 10

    7th hour- AVID 10