Family Engagement Plan (click on link below)

  •  Family Engagement Plan 2019-20

    The mission at Four Seasons is to build a respectful, successful learning community through art-centered practices that develop intelligent behaviors in all students.

     The Family Engagement Plan (FEP) is organized into four impact areas. We will be working together this year to build positive and goal-oriented relationships in each area. Families and staff at school developed this plan together.


    Welcoming Environment

    Our school has staff member(s) available for families to discuss this plan and ask questions

    Family Liaison, Co-Chair of Family Engagement Committee:

    Cultural Specialist: Yusef Davis,,

    Principal: Jennifer Mickelson,,

    Co-Chair of Family Engagement Committee:

    Jennifer Davis,

    Laurie Brazman,

    Our school communicates with families in many ways.

    At Four Seasons we seek to communicate with families in a variety of ways, with the goal being to connect with all families in ways that facilitate trusting, genuine relationships between school and home.

    •     Building Newsletter:  sent home at the end of each month and posted on our website

    •     Classroom Newsletters: weekly biweekly, monthly (varies by grade level)

    •     Our school website home page has important dates and information

    •     Principal CONNECT ED robo calls and text messages via Blackboard Connect are used to invite families to participate in school events and activities. They are also used for important information updates.

    •     Parent Group – FTA meets once a month (notes posted on FTA Facebook Page)

    •     FTA off site meetings (quarterly) in the communities in which our families reside

    •     Phone calls

    •     Positive notes home

    •     Families are informed in their own language about how to access district interpreters for questions

    •     When families call, email or send a note, staff will do their best to respond within 24-48 business hours.

    •     Home Visits

    The achievement gap, or rather the “opportunity gap,” between students of color and white students in Saint Paul Public Schools is unacceptable. Our school is working to change practices and systems by identifying the barriers that make it harder for students of color to succeed and for their families to support their learning.

    For more about our work on racial equity, contact:

    Our principal, Jennifer Mickelson,


    We recognize that there is an achievement gap and have begun the process of identifying specific barriers that may be contributing to this gap. We have been looking at our school’s data from a variety of assessments and asking the specific question on why our students of color is not consistently having the same academic success as their white peers.  We are looking through an equity lens in regard to what we can offer as a school in providing new and innovative ways on how we can best meet the needs of all our students.  We will be working to ensure our teaching is culturally relevant, rigorous, with real life connections while building meaningful trusting relationships with students and their families. 


    Our Schoolwide Continuous Improvement Plan focus is:

    All Four Seasons A+ Staff will focus on increasing opportunities for and access to high quality instruction for ALL Four Seasons A+ students.


    We will achieve our goal by:

    •     All staff will take part in monthly Culturally Responsive Teaching & the Brain trainings led by our Leadership Team

    •     The Leadership Team/Equity team will meet bi-monthly during the 2020-2021 school year.

    •     All committee work will be done through a lens of equity.

    Our Student Success Team will lead our staff through monthly equity training based on work by Bettina Love





    Transitions between schools can be challenging, and we work to help families as their children start and leave our school.

    For new students and families, we support the transition by:

    •     In the fall, each teacher will connect individually with each

    family before the first day of school by either a home visit, hopes and dreams conference at school.

    •     In October of 2020, all families will be invited to participate in the Ice Cream Social & Flu shot clinic where there will be a musical performance and an informational session.

    •     Our school provides pre-K.

    •     New kindergarten students and their families attend an open house in May.


    For students and families moving to the next school in their pathway, we support the transition by:

    5th grade students take a guided field trip to visit Creative

    Arts High School and Linwood Monroe Arts Plus.

    We will invite Principal of Creative Arts High School to an informational Q&A morning coffee session to speak with families about the program.



    Family Partnerships

    Our school-parent compact establishes the shared responsibility for student success between the school, families, and students. Families and teachers work together to develop the compact.

    •     Copies of the compact are available: Fall Conferences, November of 2020.

    School website and distributed to new families as well as available upon request in the school office.

    •     The compact will be updated: Fall 2020

    There are many opportunities for families to build connections to the school and to each other.

    Title I Annual Meeting where we will share information about school programs

    Fall Ice cream social & flu shots:

    October 22nd, 2020 4:30-7:00

    One session by school principal Jennifer Mickelson,,.

    •     Performances:  Fall Showcase, Winter Showcase, All school Arts Festival in Spring

    •     National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID) will be on: February, 2021, Hmong New Year, or other annual cultural events.

    •     Family all school dance: September of 2020, 6pm-8pm.

    •     Family night at St. Paul restaurant, Culvers

    Off-site FTO meetings





    We work to make these meetings and events available for every family in the school.

     At Four Seasons, we recognize and embrace all cultures and      take pride in follow district polices to provide translation in every language needed for our families. Translators are arranged prior to meetings by Four Seasons staff. Contact our head clerk, Michele Brinkhaus.

    Our school supports families as advocates and provides opportunities for parent leadership

    All Families are encouraged and invited to participate in Parent Academy and FTA. Families are also invited to participate in the Family Engagement planning committee for more information on parent leadership opportunities contact

    Parent Academy provides the foundation of parents’ information and skills for becoming more involved in our school. Parent Academy is a six-week program for families.

    Parent Academy will be held in: TBD/no dates have been set for 2020-2021 Four Season Parent Academy at this time. For more information about Parent Academy contact Aquanetta Anderson at



    Teaching and Learning

    Our school shares information about state standards, assessment, and student achievement with families in multiple ways

    •     Report cards and progress reports will be distributed Four Seasons distributes student report cards during the Parent Teacher Conferences (November 2020 and March 2021).


    •     MDE report card will be sent home to all families and posted on school website.


    •     Report cards are mailed out to families unable to attend the conferences.


    •     Parents are encouraged to read daily with their student(s) and to check in about what they are learning in school.


    •     Classroom newsletters provide grade level specifics around the content being studied.

    Our school will engage families in Personalized Learning as a key strategy to accelerate student achievement, as these changes come to our school

    Parent Portal is available by logging on to Once you arrive to SPPS’s website type in Parent Portal to receive directions on parental usage. Or you can contact our school Head Clerk Farrah Giddings.





    Many before- and after-school enrichment and support opportunities are available for students

    •     (EDL) Extended Day Learning is provided on sight at Four Seasons for more information contact


    Community  Partnerships

    Our school develops community partnerships to provide additional support for students and their families.

    •     Four Seasons has an extended list of parent and community volunteers. We have also developed partnerships with:

    •     MN Reading Corp providing HPE with three individuals who work with individual students in grades K-3

    •     Midwest food connection

    •     West 7th Community Reporter (poetry contest).

    •     Merriam Park library

    •     Dancing Classrooms

    •     NdCAD Network for the Development of Children of African Descent

    •     Milkweed Press 5th grade book club

    •     Big Brothers/Big Sisters works with individual students on site

    •     Macalester College athletics



    This plan is available as part of our school’s SCIP, or School Comprehensive Improvement Plan at, it is also available on our school website at and printed copies are available in the office.


  • This document can be translated into languages other than English upon request. Please contact our head clerk, Michele Brinkhaus.