New Hires

New Hire Benefits Enrollment Information

  • Welcome to Saint Paul Public Schools from the Benefits Team!

     As a new hire a new employee must enroll online through Employee Self Service within the first 30 days of employment from their start date for benefits.

    Employees can sign up, or waive (if applicable) benefit coverages such as:

    • Medical

    • Dental

    • Vision (glasses and/or contacts)

    • Term Life Insurance, and

    • Short-Term Disability


  • ALEX is a virtual assistant that can help make your Active Enrollment decisions easier. Chat with him anytime!



  • This year, to help everyone find the benefits that are going to make them the most happy, we're offering a virtual benefits counselor called ALEX.

     ALEX can help you find the medical, dental and vision plan that will work best for your needs and budget, and explain how everything works in language you can understand.

    Here’s three important things to know about the ALEX tool:

    1. ALEX is personalized, which means it can help you see which plan makes the most sense for YOU, not your coworkers, or your boss, or even me, your charming benefits genius.
    2. ALEX is easy to use. The tool doesn't ask for a username or password. You just click the link from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, and go. Also, ALEX is completely free of boring insurance jargon and complicated legal jibber-jabber.
    3. ALEX is confidential. While it does ask questions about your personal situation to understand your needs, your answers are completely confidential, and nothing you share with the tool will ever be recorded or shared.

    The link to ALEX is right here, and you can also find it in the Benefits email you received.

     Remember, ALEX works on any computer, tablet, or smartphone, so you can discover your lowest-cost, best-coverage benefit options—or see if your current plan choices are the best ones for you—by going to this address during the open enrollment period.


  • Things to Know: 

    • Benefit effective dates are specific to your bargaining unit (union) please see your Benefit Summary by Bargaining Unit.
    • Guaranteed Issue (GI) is an amount a new hire is allowed to enroll into a benefit with out having to complete the Evidence of Insurability (EOI) online. Any enrollment amount greater than the Guaranteed issue will require an EOI.
    • Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is additional information that is required by the insurance company to make sure you are a good insurable risk. Any enrollment amount greater than the Guaranteed issue will require an EOI.
    • If you elect a life insurance amount greater than the guaranteed issue (GI) you will be emailed a link to complete the online EOI information.
    • If you do not complete your online benefits enrollment within 30 days of your hire date, you will miss your opportunity to participate in other optional benefit coverage's as a new hire. Please be advised that after this period, you would not be allowed to make changes to your benefit elections until the next annual open enrollment period or within 30 days of a qualifying event.


    Getting Started:

    Review your Benefit Summary by Bargaining Unit for your costs.

    Use Alex to help you determine the benefits that work the best for you, Alex shows you the benefits that are offered by SPPS.

    For your life insurance options, check Securian's interactive site to help you determine how much (and what type) of life insurance is right for you:



    Medical benefits are determined by your bargaining unit (union).

    PEIP Health Insurance 

    Medical insurance coverage is available to benefit-eligible employees in the following bargaining units working at least 20 hours per week. SPPS PEIP Brochure

    • Educational Assistants
    • JROTC
    • Teachers
    • Teaching Assistants
    • School and Community Service Professionals (SCSP)
    • SUTR


    HealthPartners Medical Insurance 

    Medical insurance coverage is available to benefit-eligible employees in the following bargaining units working at least 20 hours per week.

    • AFSCME - Clerical/Technical
    • Assoc of Supervisory Administrative Personnel (ASAP)
    • Bus Drivers
    • Classified Confidential
    • Custodian
    • Machinists
    • Manual Maintenance
    • Nutrition Services
    • Professional Employees Association (PEA)
    • Principals
    • Superintendency
    • Supervisors (SPSO)


    Benefit Videos

    Watch the benefits videos.  The videos give you information regarding the benefits that are offered to employees and special one time offers for new hires.


    Log into Employee Self Service (login-button above) to complete your new hire benefits online enrollment within 30 days from your hire date.  Online access to enroll, opens on your date of hire.  If you fail to enroll by the 30th day, you will automatically be enrolled with only District provided benefits according to your bargaining unit contract.  Please review the Employee Self Service with Initial Password information page to log into Employee Self Service for the first time.

     If you need assistance, contact the Benefits Team by emailing

  • Employee Self Service and

    New Hire Enrollment


  • New Hire Benefits Enrollment is quick and easy online using Employee Self Service. Enrollment can be done from any computer, your phone, at work, or outside the work place. Follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in the Online Enrollment Guide. Benefit elections must be made within 30 days of your hire date.