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Degrees and Certifications:

The University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN Academic Behavioral Strategists, Teaching License, Master of Arts (M.A.) Education Howard University Washington, DC., Marketing Major, BA, Business Administration

Mr. Roy Pierson

Teacher at St Paul Schools, St. Paul MN  — since July 2016 


Middle School Teacher at Hazel Park Preparatory Academy - since 2019

I teach students with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) – a lifelong condition that affects the motor skills and coordination of students and can seriously affect their ability to learn. DCD is also known as dyspraxia, a common condition affecting five to six percent of school-going children. What I love about Hazel Park is that we understand that all students can learn. There are ways to support students with dyspraxia, like notable Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Allow more time for the child to complete motor activities.
  • Expect and challenge students to do there very best and continuously assess and reassess student progress. 
  • Engage and excite students so they want to learn.
  • Involve proud parents who hold students high as we teach students to move beyond perceived limitations.
  • Reduce the time students spend on writing by using assistive technology like Text-To-Speech Assistive Tools.
  • Teach students handwriting strategies, such as writing in a consistent manner, using different writing tools to help improve their grip or reduce pencil pressure on a page.
  • Break down activities into smaller parts allowing students to visualize, hear, and even touch the lesson using manipulatives.