Christy Highland

  • Welcome to math class at Parkway! I have 20 years of experience teaching middle school math for Saint Paul Public Schools. I am very excited to be teaching at Parkway Montessori and Community Middle School.

    I believe that anyone can learn anything if they continue to try despite making mistakes. The harder you work at something, the better you will become. In my classroom, we learn from our mistakes. Mistakes are a necessary part of learning. Learning to push through mistakes and finding the reasons behind them, helps us become better problem solvers. Learning new things is HARD WORK! My classroom motto is, “I have not learned it YET!” I believe you will be able to learn anything as long as you keep trying.

    I am married with two daughters, Hailey and Selah. Hailey is a senior in high school this year and Selah will be in 8th grade. I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.

    I am enjoying getting to know my students more each day. I work hard to make math interesting, rigorous and fun. It is going to be a great year in MATH!

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    • Foundations
    • Algebra
    • Pre-Algebra
Christy Highland