Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Cass

My name is Ms. Cass, and this is my second year as a social worker at Bruce Vento Elementary. I graduated with my Masters in Social Work from Augsburg University in 2018, and I have been a school social worker ever since. I support Early Childhood Special Education, 4th grade, and 5th grade, but I love helping all the students at Bruce Vento! 

Outside of school, I love to read, cook, and bake (anything with lots of sprinkles!). You will also find me hiking with my pup, Jake.

I also love yoga and am certified in Trauma Yoga for Youth. I use yoga in my social work practice often, as it is a great way to teach kiddos how to regulate big emotions. You can find me teaching a whole class ways to help their brains and bodies be ready to learn or using yoga in a small group to help students be calm. 

Check out our yoga group below! You can see me teaching a 3rd grade class how to do "Lion's Breath," which is one of my favorite ways to feel calm and strong! 

Lion's Breathe