CEC Requests and Contact Forms

  • Please use the forms below to request resources from the CEC, request to reserve the CEC space, and contact the Office of Equity. Have general questions? Email the CEC directly.

  • Resource Request Form  

    The CEC houses an extensive collection of artifacts, multimedia, books, learning trunks and professional resources available for check out by staff. Use the CEC Resoure Request form to request resources.  


  • CEC Room Reservation Request   

    The CEC is available for reservations related to the CEC's mission. Use the CEC Room Reservation Request form to request to reserve the space. SPPS Staff: Review instructions for using the space here. Please note, reservations from external orgnizations which are approved will also require SPPS permit. 

  • Equity Request and Contact Form

    The CEC is a program of the Office of Equity. To initiate a project, ask a question, or report a concern to the Office of Equity, please fill out the Equity Request & Contact Form.