SPPS Summer Learning Programs COVID-19 Guidance

  • We are excited to welcome you to Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) Summer Learning Programs. Please note the following COVID-19 prevention guidelines that will be in place for Summer Learning Programs, beginning June 14.

    Face Coverings/Masks
    SPPS is following state guidance
    for face coverings/masks for Summer Learning Programs. Wearing a face covering/mask is recommended, but not required for all students and staff.

    Childcare settings, Head Start and Pre-K programs: Children 5 years old and younger are still required to wear a face covering/mask until 70 percent of Minnesota residents 16 years old and older are vaccinated or until July 1 (whichever comes sooner). We will communicate with staff and families when changes are made to the Governor’s Executive Order.

    Students and staff are required to wear face coverings/masks on school buses

    Social Distancing 
    SPPS will continue to create space for social distancing of 3 feet or more to the greatest extent possible.

    SPPS will keep students and staff in small groups that stay together as much as possible throughout the day, and limit mixing between groups as much as possible in common spaces (during lunch, bathroom breaks, arrival and dismissal, free periods, recess).

    Nutrition Services
    Individual schools/programs will determine if meals will be served in cafeterias and/or classrooms

    • Assigned seating is not required for grades PreK-4 in the cafeteria and/or classroom
    • Assigned seating is required for grades 5-12 in the cafeteria and/or classroom 

    Field Trips
    Field trips will be allowed for Summer Learning Programs. 

    Assigned seating in classroom

    • Assigned seating is not required for grades PreK-4
    • Assigned seating in classrooms is required for grades 5-12


    • Parent/guardians are welcome inside school buildings (we ask that families limit their visits to 15 minutes when possible)
    • Outside visitors are allowed by appointment only 

    Contact Tracing

    • SPPS will continue to contact trace through July 30.


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