Ms. Overlien

Ms. Overlien
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  • We have a wonderful class in first grade! 

    Welcome to a new school year in 2023!

    Here is our schedule for the day:


    7:15 Breakfast

    7:45 Morning meeting

    8:00 Math

    8:20 (Tuesday and Friday) Scoial Studies

    9:10 Reading/Writing

    10:00 Recess

    10:20 Lunch 

    10:50 Reading/Writing/Phonics

    12:10 Specialist time in Science, Gym and Music

    1:00 Math

    1:45 Closure 

    1:50 Dismissal 


    We are going to have a great year in First Grade! 

    Welcome to Saint Paul Music Academy! 

    Ms. Overlien